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AMD Dual-Core Optimizer is a tool designed for owners of AMD dual-core processors. The application optimizes load distribution between the two cores, so you should not have problems arise with programs and games that do not support dual-core processors.

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AMD Dual Core Optimizer? | guru3D Forums AMD Dual-Core Optimizer - The AMD Dual-Core Optimizer can help improve some PC gaming video performance by compensating for those applications that bypass the Windows API for timing by directly using the RDTSC (Read Time Stamp Counter) instruction. Applications that rely on RDTSC do not... AMD DUAL CORE OPTIMIZER | Tom's Hardware Forum Hi, Their is a software name AMD Dual core optimizer installed on my pc somehow, dunno how? lol....Iam not using AMD Dual core cpu..I have AMDIs it safe i mean DUAL core optimizer with Quad core ??...I downloaded RE5 benchmark this dual core optimizer come with... AMD dual core optimizer? - HP Support Community - 21559

Скачать AMD Dual-Core Optimizer бесплатно с сайта. Установочные файлы программы известны как AMD DualCore Optimizer.exe или amd_dc_opt.exe и т.д. Программа принадлежит к категории Системные утилиты, а точнее к подкатегории Оптимизация системы.

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Utilitaire AMD Dual-Core Optimizer pour les Athlon 64 X2

The AMD Dual-Core Optimizer helps to correct the resulting video performance effects or other incorrect timing effects that these applications may experience on dual-core processor systems, by periodically adjusting the core time-stamp-counters, so that they are synchronized. AMD Drivers and Support - If your system is not running Windows© 7 or 10, or for drivers/software for other AMD products such as AMD Radeon™ Pro graphics, embedded graphics, chipsets, etc. please select your product from the menus above. AMD Dual-Core Optimizer - Alors que les drivers pour les Athlon 64, FX et Sempron viennent d'être mis à jour, AMD propose un programme destiné à mieux tirer parti de ses processeurs double cœur. AMD Dual-Core Optimizer Free Download AMD Dual-Core Optimizer 1.1.4. Products Supported: AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile、AMD Athlon FX、AMD Athlon X2、AMD Athlon series.

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AMD Dual Core Optimizer? | Tom's Guide Forum

AMD Dual-Core Optimizer 1.1.4 (free) - Download latest version… AMD Dual-Core Optimizer is designed specifically for AMD CPUs in order to help improve their performance. This optimization is for programs that have a very low frame rate and video display. Program that usually require an extensive video frame are video games. amd_dc_opt.exe Windows process - What is it? Amd_dc_opt.exe is an executable file that belongs to the AMD Dual-Core Optimizer, a program that helps increase video performance by synchronizing timing effects on dual-core processor systems by regularly adjusting core time-stamp counters. Download AMD Dual-Core Optimizer Utility 1.1.4 for… Free. Size: 4.4 MB. Windows. Category: Other Drivers & Tools. AMD Dual- Core Optimizer - The AMD Dual-Core Optimizer can help improve some PC gaming video performance by compensating for those applications that bypass the Windows API for timing by directly using the RDTSC...